Export for Bec Tiff 4@0,25x

So today I had a break from the wedding scene and found time to play in the studio. Working with an fantastic and extremely talented make-up artist Rebecca Dainer, from Becky Jean (you must check out her work-the quality is amazing) and a beautiful model Holly Allyce.

The three of us have worked on previous projects which have been an specific single theme, however this time it’s a project of four unique images that will look amazing.

Shooting uncompressed with a Sony A7R3 and tethering directly to the computer assisted with the shoot, gave ownership to everyone where feedback was encouraged as an added bonus will drastically reduce post time.

So here is the first image yet to be named, the second one is still sitting in the computer so keep checking in to see where we are heading with this.

An awesome time, thank you everyone for your hard work and positive attitude and lets not forget Holly for being and great sport as we poured water over her head :)

The technical "stuff"

Sony A7r3

70-200mm F2.8 Sony G Master @ f11

Lighting Godox AB 600 main, V860ii as fill

Export for Bec Tiff 5@0,25x
Tiff 3 amended
Capture One Session2271-2 copy
Capture One Session2219-2-1
02 JUNE 2019

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